Thursday, November 15, 2012

Faith, the Journey of a Lifetime

I remember growing up I had several favorite books, one of them always stands out in my mind, it was Lord of the Rings. The reason I remember loving it was because Tolkien(the author) was so capable of transporting you to another world, and nothing more excited my childish dreams then being in a strange new world. But as I got older I realized something, why do I need to be portaled into a new world, for the world I am in currently is full of wonders and the life I live is the greatest adventure of my life. I do not need to imagine up a story that will never be mine, for God has made and established me, this means that I have a story or journey that is unlike any other human being. I thought that this was truly profound, for if I have a unique story of my own, that then means, that there must be an equally unique story for every living person.
 So because of this, I truly believe that Christ Jesus and his mother have guided me through all I have been through, and so that means that no fictional story can compare to mine, or to yours. So despite the tragedy and hardships we will face, if we cling to God and his sacraments then we may attain that heavenly goal. If we think about it, all the stories that captured our imagination and heart all had challanges and glories that the protagonist had to pass. So if we see our life in that new light, then how can we not cling to God wholly? How can we not bravely set foot on the road, even despite the uncertainity and hardships we will face? See, the race must be run, for the reward is too great for us to simply allow it to pass us, so pray, believe in God and live every day for him.

(All shall fade, except for God and his holy ones, they last forever.)

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