Thursday, November 8, 2012

God Speaks are you listening?

I remember as a child I would always ask God so many things, that I would not be surprised if I gave him a Godly sized head ache. However, now that I am taking philosophy classes, and taking things slower I realized several things. Not only is God always answering prayers, but he is always speaking to us, whether it is in word or in action God is always present to us. One of the things I truly find beautiful about God is the way he speaks, I for one used to believe that God spoke to us like a big booming voice, or like a bolt of lightening. And so because of that I would also be looking for him in the big things, and thinking that he would speak to me like he did to Moses on the mountain. However, this is not true, or atleast for most of us it is not true. God is not limited in the way he can speak to us, certainly he can be that big booming voice, but most of us do not have the faith to listen and accept that type of messege. Instead, what I have learned is that not only can God be found in the little things of daily life, but he also speaks to us in the most subtle of ways. His words to us could come to us like the light spring rain, or the soft falling of snowflakes. But the thing to bear in mind is that though it may seem subtle, snow piled up can create huge glaciers of ice. Or enough rain falling over a course of a time can lead to floods. So if we think that God is not talking to us, it simply is not the case, maybe we just are not waiting and listening for his answer.

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