Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Passing the (SAKS)

You can always tell what time it is when, the people are running about, locked in their rooms for hours, or look as if a mule sat on them. All of these symptoms I affectionately call, post studying syndrome. It is a nasty beast that plagues all serious studiers. However, have you ever thought about the spiritual test? It is infinitely more important and life altering than any test that we can take on this earth, yet it tends to be the one that is most over looked.

  How is this possible? Well maybe because it is the hardest to study for, or it is the hardest to understand. Either way, it is a trial and a test of our own human spirit. Because of this I have found symptoms related to our spiritual test anxieties. The first is CSD or as I like to say, (cold soul disorder) this is where we are neutrally cold, and so do not know where to begin to be holy. Another is MISS, (Misled in Spiritual Silence) this is where we have been given all access and knowledge to be holy, yet we are spiritually silent, dead to God and our spiritual self. This is generally because either we have misled ourself, or a thing foreign from us has misled us. The last is DHD which is (Dejected Holiness Disorder) this is where we have come so close, and traveled so far on our spiritual journey, that we give up due to weakness. This weakness is not simply due to our human fragility, but it is due to a self imposed idea that we are not good enough, and therefore God cannot wish us to be great, therefore we give up.

    All of these disorders and ailments are huge spiritual catastrophes, in which a man or woman may find themselves in often. These spiritual disorders can either bring a soul to ruin, or continue the path of ruin. These are all called SAKS (Spiritual Ailments Kill Souls) luckily we have Christ who is the Godly mediator between God and man. Because of God's gift of his son, whom we celebrate soon, we are given sacraments. These Sacraments give us light, life and forgiveness. So do not linger in the coldness of the test of life, instead follow God with a burning love through his sacraments.

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