Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feast of Giovanni Bosco

Back to 1859 a forty three years old diocesan priest named John Bosco founded a religious society that is nowadays called The Salesians of Saint John Bosco. The members of this congregation, which grew up very fast, were and still are committed to save the souls of the young as his founder did in order to follow the mission that God asked him to do.

Every single year we celebrate in January 31 on a very especial way the feast of Saint Don Bosco. The reason why people celebrate this holy man’s feast is because of the way he responded to God’s mission for the construction of His kingdom here on earth. Bosco was a man of perseverance, kindness, unique faith and trust in the Lord who always gave everything for the young. This revolutionary priest who simply had a deep called from the Lord to contribute to His holy and mystic body, the Church, went through a lot of hard times on life, but there was always a positive attitude to overcome them.

Thanks to God, yes because he showed Don Bosco the way to evangelize the youth, the Slaesians are very involved in a lot of youth movements and programs around the world; the dream of a young Italian priest has become true. As young Salesian seminarians in formation together with the community, parishioners, family and friends celebrated the feast of our founder along with the many achievements we have done based on his vocational response to God. With lots of music, dance, and some other type of entertainments the Don Bosco’s party was very well animated. The people was enjoying a delicious food cooked by Blanca as well as a great company and sharing time. Ended with Fr. Steve Leake’s final words and the blessing of God through the intercession of Mary Help of Christian the party was over, but the joy and the desire to continue the mission of the saint was even more on fire than ever.

Salesians have been around for many years, and they will always be because He wants so. Our God Almighty gave us Don Bosco so we could have a model to follow the mission with the youth. Our presence is a faithful result of that call which Giovanni, since he was very young, knew how to understand and apply himself to it. Thanks God for Don Bosco, enable us to be SALESIANS, and that includes you reader, in the midst of the nowadays world because we know that is the way to contribute to your Kingdom, AMEN.

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