Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The day when...

Today is the day! Well, it was anyway since most of you will probably be reading this tomorrow, which is now today. Odd how that works. But I will now digress.

Today (yesterday) is (was) the day when application letters were due for us here in Orange, NJ. We were to write our letters of application for pre-novitiate, novitiate, and renewal of vows.

The reason we write out our letters is to ask for admittance to the next level of formation. Now, it is not just a formality. It is not some right of passage. It is a task that is undertaken that has to be deeply reflected upon and discerned. One must approach their director and confessor and ask for their permission if they think that it is a good idea for the writer to apply for this next stage. One's letter is then voted upon. To give a sample of what a letter looks like, I have attached a copy of my letter.

Another reason we write these letters is to reflect upon our motives for wanting to go to the next level of formation. To be admitted to the next level of formation one must show some growth in certain areas of their life.

For me personally, I want to serve God as the best Salesian as I can be. (No Army reference intended) The main reason that I want to be a Salesian is because I believe that Don Bosco (St. John Bosco) has made a clear path to holiness for his Salesians and the mission that Don Bosco entrusted to the Salesians is one that I personally believe in to be the best. Da Mihi Animas, Ceterra Tolle; Give Me Souls, Take Away the Rest

God Bless!
Br. Adam

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