Monday, April 23, 2012


Have you been on Facebook recently and seeing the post that say, "That awkward moment when..." Well check this out, the gospel this past Sunday had an awkward moment. It was when the two disciples realized that the man they saw was not a ghost but it was really Jesus! They saw and felt his flesh and bones. After they came to this realization, they were like...SOOoooo, ummmm. And Jesus broke the awkwardness by asking them, "Do you have anything to eat?" The disciples were standing there trying to figure out where to go from there. Jesus took care of that. He sat down and ate some baked fish.

This goes to show us some important things:
1. To rid the awkwardness in our lives, we need to recognize the risen Jesus Christ.
2. To rid the awkwardness in our lives, we need to sit and eat with Jesus [RECEIVE THE EUCHARIST]
3. Whenever you find yourself in an awkward situation, ask the other person if they have anything to eat. ---It worked for the disciples!

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