Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Praying through the mud...

Today, we are just days away from our Tough Mudder Challenge on Saturday! I figured we could get you all involved in this challenge for Salesian vocations by allowing you to pray this prayer with us every day leading up to Saturday:

Tough Mudder Prayer
Mary, our Mother and Help of Christians,
You who brought forth Love into this world
and led Him by the hand until the day of His death,
look unceasingly upon those whom your Son is calling
to serve the Salesian Congregation.
May our hearts be ever turned to you
at the finish line for the sake of vocations.

As we fall and pull ourselves up from the muck,
grasp the hands of those straying from their call
and bring them out of their muddy states of sin.
As we persevere through bitter cold,
inspire their hearts with the warmth of your Spouse, the Holy Spirit,
that they might overcome the bitterness of this world
in your Son’s holy name.

Mary, our Mother, send us priests and brothers.
Mary, our Mother, send us many priests and brothers.
Mary, our Mother, send us many holy priests and brothers.

Remain with us and in our hearts as we pray:
Hail Mary…
Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.

May we be reminded this day and always that we are in a battle for souls, a battle that can only be won with prayer, holiness, and joy. Arm yourself with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and join the fight! The Lord needs you!

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