Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scriptural Reflection

"The More you have been giving the more is to be expected from you." In this I have been reminded of many things, not only of my responsibility of being a good Catholic. But it has shown me that as a Salesian Canidate I have a huge responsiblity to be a sign and bearer of light to all of those I minister to. Well some people may think, well I don't have that responsiblity so I can be lazy. No, this is just not true, we are the body of Christ and children of God. so solely because of that God has given us so much responsibility as his blessed children.
  Because of this we must thank God for the glory he has given us, because if we stay with him in faith and in love, and obey his commandments then he will give us eternal life.

So thank God for his glorious plan for you, even if it may be different than you originally intend. Alleluia

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