Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are You Ready for the Challenge? The Challenge to Become a Saint!

            Sanctity can be a difficult thing to do or even imagine doing. One might think of becoming a saint as a nice but virtually impossible thing to do, especially in today’s society; whether you may think this or not, I wish to tell you that becoming a Saint IS POSSIBLE!!! It is easier than we realize, even though we are all confronted by many struggles and obstacles that would make sanctity seem impossible. However, let us look at these moments of struggles not as disaster and hardship but rather let us see them as great opportunities that will help us get closer to God. Everything Our Father puts in our way is a chance to help us grow and become the person we were meant to be, not to hinder our life and burden it with negativity. An inspirational quote by Don Bosco declares that “sanctity is easy, God does not scare us away. You do not have to scourge yourself or fast or pray long hours. Just do your duty in school, at home, at work. Take sufferings as they come- bad weather, disappointments, physical illness, sorrow- they will make you saints”. God asks us to do what is already required of us anywhere we go. As St. John Bosco states, we don’t have to be in constant prayer like monks or starve ourselves. Although prayer and fasting are a must, we do not have to carry them out to the extreme extents that some of us might think we do. Most of all, you don’t have to be a priest, brother, sister or any form of consecrated religious to become a saint; we are all capable of being holy. However, the greatest gift that is required of us on our road to sanctity is Love; a love for God, for your family and friends, and even for those whom persecute you. Ask our Heavenly Father for this most necessary of graces. Storm heaven with your prayers and they will be answered. Lastly, I would like to include another quotation that I cannot put in better words than Saint John Bosco himself:Do not ever forget these three things: devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, Devotion to Mary Help of Christians, and devotion to the Holy Father!”. Strive to be Saints! Our world needs them! May God Bless You and your loved ones on your long, joyful, and yet fruitful journey towards sanctity.   

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