Friday, January 25, 2013

The Journey(The Journey Home, Ace Combat 5)

What many people may not understand is that God has a plan for you, in which none but you can fulfill in his grace. Not only has he counted every hair on your head, but he constantly knows of the number, and even more than that. God has always thought of you, even before the creation of time, God has always loved you, for if he did not, you would not, or could not exist. Because God has loved you for all eternity, his plan for you is tremendous, and it is also your way to salvation, however he will not force you to it. That is why there is sin and suffering in this world, not because God does not care, but that he cares greatly. He does not wish us to suffer, but because of sin, he has no choice. With every action we commit, there is another re-action, now whether or not that re-action is good or bad, that is to be determined by the initial action. And yes, if we fail, God still can gives us good acts in the end. But, with a bad action, there must be a consequence or a payment as it were. But luckily for us, we do not bear the full weight of our sins, for Christ Jesus has come down and destroyed sin once and for all. So in his merciful act, we not only can attain salvation through his grace, but through the Sacraments he instituted we are guided to heaven. For without the sacraments, it still would be impossible for us to attain salvation, and that is the reason why the sacraments were instituted. That then means we have many lifelong companions, these are: Jesus, Mary, all Saints, all Holy people, and God himself. Not to forget the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion, these are the two in which we can partake frequently. All others are meant to be singular, or very rare (Anointing of the Sick) therefore, as we are all on our God given Journeys, rejoice, for God is on your side, in which in total love, faith and works, in God, you cannot fail.   
(The Journey end's in Christ, in the eternal heaven.)

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