Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Meaning of Life

We all desire this, each and every person searches for their meaning, consciously or subconsciously. It is where our belief, our desire, and our entirety rest. It is in that meaning of life, that we find our “true self” However, the means to this end, is hotly disputed. Some say that riches alone will suffice, others say pleasure. I say goodness and happiness in the Lord is that, which everyone desires, it is the reason for awaking, the reason for eating, and the reason for your very existence. How can I prove this? Well, it is like falling in love, first you start being compelled to learn as much as you can, then while you are mesmerized you drop into an utter fascination. You cannot go without a second of thinking of your desire; soon they become your love. This love, I tell you, is your first and ultimate love, far beyond marriage or any simple vocation. We are first called to love God beyond all that is, how this is proven, but in our pursuit of love, and of fulfillment. The reason why there is discontent and unhappiness is not because people are broken, but that people search for their meaning in things that are mortal. All of this physical world we see will pass away, and yet we try to convince ourselves that we are currently immortal.  
            How I personally know that God has to be our meaning is not just faith, and yet that makes up a lot of the reason. But I can know this by logic and philosophy. We all know that we search for goodness, our feeling of acceptance or fulfillment. So then, is it not also apparent that when we keep searching, we remain living proof that we have not found our meaning? This then rests in one fact, that God alone must be our fulfillment. However, we tend to edge away from that idea, because it will demand of us, it will force us to give God something we are not good at giving. It will force us to give of ourselves; essentially, it will make us sacrifice our pride in our self to attain the goal. It is in fact the hardest thing we can do, because in it we will be most inconsistent. Regardless of how hard, what journey is complete without hardships and some horrors along the way? Even though we naturally love the stories about epic heroes who conquered all adversaries, and in the end attain their life’s goal. Those are the stories that bring a tear and an inspiration for our own journeys. So my challenge for you is this, follow Christ Jesus. Give until it hurts, for in that sacrifice and patient sorrow you will learn what true love means, and what the meaning of life is.     

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