Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Truth, and Anti-Skepticism

Truth Is
There is much conflict over what truth is, many people will try to take the relativist route, which states. “It is right for me, but not maybe for him.” This is illogical and self-contradictory. It is illogical because you jump from the concept of truth, which in itself must be universal, to an individual. By the very act of affirming that truth is relative, you therefore contradict yourself. Because you are moving from an individual statement, to an affirmative universal, I.E “That is correct” Moreover, by being a skeptic in who denies all absolutes you absolutely deny yourself. This then means that you contradict yourself and so acknowledge truth. So partially putting aside the philosophical words, I will change gears. Man is an empty vessel which is only capable of being filled by truth. We can only be filled by truth, nothing else satisfies, or is accepted. If there is no truth, all becomes ridiculous and not capable of being learned. So luckily for us, God is truth. All truth flows from him, in which pours into us.  The only reason why we can be filled with false truths, are by the fact that we understand them to be truths, yet while they are merely a shadow of the real truth.
That was a taste of the philosophy we must learn. If it is complex that is fine, it can be difficult to understand. However, the truth resounds nevertheless. Essentially what I was saying is this, truth is. And no matter how we try to get around it, if we say that we “prove” there are no universal truths, a person doesn’t prove anything, but that truth is. So since God is truth, we must try to fill our hearts, souls, and mind with God. For else we will fail and be filled with the things of this world.

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