Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Once

In our life we can be very aware at how little time we have, or at the fact that we only have one life. However, not to scare anyone, but even Christ himself said “I will come like a thief in the night, for if the master knew what time the robber was coming, he would not let his house be broken into.” This amazing, for it is very true to as how little we know of our future. This is because we do not live in the future, we live in the present, and the only time we can know of the future, is if it becomes our present, or if God tells us it. So it makes sense that we wouldn’t want to waste any time, for we do not know when we will be needed to give an account our life. That will be the moment in which we cannot blame anyone, but that everything we have done, whether good or bad, all of it will be before our eyes. So in Christ we must lay all of our hope, and say to our self, do I simply want to go through the motions, and be known for nothing, or to have faith in God. Then by listening to him, and carrying out his will, we will then fulfill his promise and may yet attain salvation as saints.  
" It is in the motion of love, that we discover not what we are, but who we are, and in who we are, we express our living God."

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