Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Hobbit(reflection)

Tomorrow is the day that a long awaited movie comes out for me and many of my friends and family. What I have always found beautiful was the very notion that the masterful Tolkien created. In his epic series he depicts the lowly and seemingly insignificant hobbit, which is the most peaceable and smallest of races. However, as the story continues one falls in love with the hobbit, not because he is some great hero. But because he is a small and weak creature, some would say a child-like figure. This figure we instantly attach ourselves to, because we too can feel and see our weakness, we think of why such a great life be given to us, me of all people? There are far greater and stronger people that could live the adventure of my life. Although we may not want to be that hobbit who goes through so much, the good, the bad, the thick and the thin. But despite that, all of us want to achieve the end; all of us want to feel that weight fall off of us. Like the scene in "The Lord of The Rings, the Return of the King" where the hobbits sit around a table, a job well done, a journey ended and the world saved. All of us want that feeling, even if we do not want to go through what they did. We want to know that despite the failures, that we did impact some people for the good. That we did make a difference, despite how truly small we are in comparison to the world. But we do not need stories to show us that, it has happened at least once. A little child, wrapped up in a manger, and born in Bethlehem, such a small and seemingly insignificant creature, lo behold that little child was the son of God! God incarnate! And that God-Man changed the entire world, whether or not people want to accept he was real or not, no other man changed and influenced so many people. As far as I know, Christianity is still the largest and most wildly celebrated religion. And yet, it all started from one child, God made flesh, born of a woman in a most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place. So if this Advent season, as we prepare for our lord and savior, remember that he planned for all of us to be his saints, so even if we are afraid, all we must do is cling to him as we leave our own shire behind.

God Bless. 

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